#16 MGM: Set Your Goals for 2017

Mighty Goal Monday: Set Your Goals

#16 MGM: Set Your Goals for 2017

Did 2016 go by too fast for you? It did for me but looking back on my year, there are still things I wanted to get accomplished. I wrote down my goals in my Erin Condren Lifeplanner and looked at it occasionally throughout the year. But every time I looked at it, I always thought I’ll have more time later to work on my goals. Here we are the second to last week of 2016 and my list of goals are still there uncompleted. As a shake my head in disappointment with myself, I know something needs to be different for 2017 and that is set SMART goals instead.

This week I challenge you to create two to three SMART goals for 2017

What is a SMART goal exactly?

SMART goal stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely goals.
Specific – What is something specific you want to get accomplished in 2017? The more specific your goal is the easier it will be to know when you achieved it.
Measurable – How will you know when you are close to achieving your goal? How will you determine if you are making the right progress?
Attainable – How can I accomplish this goal? What steps do I need to make for this to happen?
Realistic – Have you had a goal like this in the past? Were you able to complete the goal or have you made changes to allow you complete the goal now?
Timely – What’s your timeframe? Is this a long-term goal or short-term goal? Is this something you plan to do weekly or monthly?

Make Your SMART Goals

When making SMART goals it is important to identify a large goal of yours and then work through each acronym letter to ask yourself questions. By working on developing your goals, you will be able to make a goal that is easier to achieve. Make 2017 better than 2016 by creating SMART goals and accomplishing them! So it’s time to take out a pen and paper and write down your 2017 SMART goals. Display them somewhere you will seem them every day as a constant reminder and motivation to keep going strong!

Examples of SMART Goals

  • I will increase my cooking skills by cooking a new recipe once a week and taking a professional cooking class once every 2 months. By June 1st, I will have developed a new recipe list or cookbook of at least 22 new recipes that I will continue to make.
  • I will increase my water consumption by drinking 6 glasses of water 4x a week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. This will last for 2 months and then I will increase my water consumption to 8 glasses of water 5x a week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I will continue this until July 2017.
  • By May 2017, I will become stronger and be able to lift my kids up to play with them. I will take a strength training class at my gym once a week on Sunday and I will strength train on my own two times a week on Tuesday and Friday.

Share your SMART goals.

Whenever you want to accomplish something, it is important to share with your family, friends, and others who may be your support group. Letting others know your goals, helps you stay accountable especially when they ask how your goal are going for you. Share your goals with me and others by using #MightyGoalMonday #NutritioninChaos. I can’t wait to see what awesome SMART goals we come up with as a community.

#5 MGM: Get Active

MGM Get Active

Part of living a healthy lifestyle involves being active as well. Now I am not saying you need to be training for a marathon or triathlon to be active. Any additional exercise outside of your daily movements contributes to being active. Which leads us into this week’s Mighty Goal Monday: Get Active!

My challenge for you this week is to get active by working out at least 3 times this week for at least 30 minutes.

Why it is Important to Get Active

It is no-brainer that getting active can help improve your overall health. (It wouldn’t be a common recommendation if it didn’t.) By starting to become active or maintaining a regular exercise routine, you not only are working towards your fitness goal but there are also other great benefits to working out.

Mood Booster

When you workout, your brain release chemicals that help you destress and decrease your anxiety, which ultimately will help increase your happiness. So even if you do not feel like working out because of your high-stress levels, use that as your motivation to help relieve your stress.

Confidence Booster

As you get more active you will start to increase your strength and endurance. Knowing that you are making progress is definitely a confidence booster! Everyone loves that feeling of knowing they are improving and wanting to show it off to the world.

Improves your Creativity

Have you ever been on a long hike and think of the next big idea? When you are working out regularly you start to generate new ideas in your brain more easily. Honestly, half my ideas for Nutrition in Chaos are thought of when I am working out.

Getting Active & Weight Loss

Diet and Exercise go together like peanut butter & jelly. Without one of the two, you don’t get the best sandwich, same goes for diet and exercise. You can have a really good diet but not be active or you can be really active with a bad diet but still not see the results you want to see. So to see the results you want to see, you want to have a good diet and a regular workout routine.

Ways to Get Active

There are so many different ways to get active and you do not have to stick to one exercise. It is actually better if you switch up your workouts so you start working different muscles. When it comes to working out it is important to make sure you get your heart rate up to see the benefits.


Running is not the only cardio that exists so don’t panic that I am telling you that you have to run as your exercise. If running is not your calling, try walking at a brisk pace to increase your heart rate. Especially with the beautiful nature changes during the fall season, getting outside for walks or hikes is a must! Biking and swimming are other great ways to get your cardio in.

Strength Training

Many people believe that if they strength training they are going to get big and bulky like the Hulk. However, this is never the case unless you are training an excessive amount. Not only are you building muscle when you strength train but you start to burn more calories. Who doesn’t want to be healthy & strong!


High-Intensity Interval Training Workouts are a great way to rev up your exercises by completing short but intense workouts. HIIT workouts are also proven to help burn more calories after your workout has been completed compared to other forms of exercise.  I love HIIT workouts when I am pressed for time and most of the time I sweat more during these workouts then a 30-minute run.

My favorite workout Apps

Active by Popsugar – This is a great app to find workouts targeting a specific area. Having the app on my phone makes it easy to bring it to the gym and follow along with the guides that you can download to your phone. {They also have great HIIT routines to try!}

Nike+ Training Club – If you are the type of person that needs set workout schedule this is my go-to app! I am all about creating schedules and making sure my life isn’t overbooked. Nike+ Training Club allows you to create a workout plan with your goal in mind. It asks you basic questions and then creates a workout routine with all their workouts. I never have to go searching for a workout to follow because they always provide the correct workout for the day.

Share your progress

Do not forget to share your achievements, tips, and/or comments with me and the #MightyGoalMonday community. It is much easier to accomplish goals when you have others completing the same goals.

Share your #mightygoalmonday accomplishments and tips

#4 MGM Recap – Increasing your water intake

Do you feel like you are going to float away with all the water you drank this week?! I hope you were able to increase your water intake and feel comfortable with the amount you are drinking. Feeling bloated is never fun and that is why it can be best to gradually increase your water intake if that is the case. Especially when it comes to working out, it is important to maintain good hydration.

New to Mighty Goal Monday?

Find out more about why I started this blog series and what other MGM’s you have missed and can start at any time.


The Start of Something New: Nutrition In Chaos

It’s time to start something new! For some time now, I have gone back and forth about starting a blog. Well, today I take the chance and go outside of my comfort zone.Life begins are end of comfort zone


Welcome to Nutrition in Chaos!

As being a recent graduate, I know how hard it can be to maintain proper nutrition and stay healthy. The past two years I have a been a dietetic intern during the day and an MBA student at night. Throughout my time as an intern/student, my nutrition and overall health took a turn for the worse. My stress levels were high and I was constantly on the go. But I know my chaotic life is just beginning as I enter the “real world” and take on whatever life throws my way.

I am not the only person that is busy in this world. I hear constantly from patients and clients that they just do not have time for nutrition and living a healthy life. I’ve been there and I currently am working on improving my life into a healthier lifestyle every day.

This is why I started Nutrition in Chaos.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I have been studying food and nutrition for over six years now and am always reading new research studies. I understand what it is like to run to one thing to another, especially in the business world. With my education and experiences, I want to be able to provide nutrition and lifestyle insight that can be achieved in a chaotic lifestyle.

My Goals for Nutrition in Chaos:

  • To educate and provide a better understanding of nutrition overall.
  • Provide tips that can be easily accomplished.
  • Inform the public on topics they want to hear about.
  • Introduce new ways to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

As Nutrition in Chaos grows, I hope to build relationships with readers. If readers want to hear about certain topics, let me know. I love doing research and sharing my love for nutrition. Ultimately, I hope to build Nutrition in Chaos into a community filled with individuals seeking or adding to creating a healthier lifestyle in a chaotic world.