Nutrition In Chaos 2017

Nutrition in Chaos 2017

Nutrition in chaos 2017

Happy 2017!

I am not sure how your 2016 went but there seemed to be both good times and bad times for everyone. One thing I am proud of that happened in 2016, was starting Nutrition in Chaos. As nervous as I was to start my own blog, it was something that I have been wanting to do. Since starting a couple of months ago, I have just been posting weekly blog posts. But after doing some planning and putting together my vision for Nutrition in Chaos, 2017 is going to be the year of bigger and better things!

What to Expect to See

Here are just a few things that will be coming to Nutrition in Chaos throughout the next couple of months.

  • More than one blog post a week
  • New Website Layout
  • Freebies!!
  • Newsletters
  • Blog Series on Half Marathon Training – It’s my first Half Marathon and I am sure there will be great lessons I learn from that I want you to avoid.
  • Nutrition Coaching Sessions with ME! I will be putting together coaching packages that will allow me to help you reach your goals on an individual level.
  • And so MUCH more

Got Ideas?!

Is there something you wish I could talk more about or something you would really like to see?! Let me know! I am here to help you create and live a healthy and happy lifestyle with a focus on nutrition. Fill out this survey and help me improve and grow Nutrition in Chaos.

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Nutrition in Chaos 2017 Healthy and Happy Year


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