Revising Your New Year Resolutions To Make Them New and Improved

Revising Your New Year Resolutions To Make Them New & Improved

SMART Goals new & improved

It’s February 1st, one month into 2017. January was anything but calm and peaceful. There was so much I wanted to start and accomplish for the month. As you might have remembered, I set two SMART goals for myself. One personal and one focused on Nutrition in Chaos.

Well, I can proudly say I have signed up for the half marathon and have been training every morning at 5:30/6am before I have to go to work. Personally, I am very proud of myself and keep that flame going inside of me.

As for my SMART goal for Nutrition in Chaos, that’s another story.

If you have noticed, I have not published a blog post since January 10th. Yikes! Not a proud moment, especially when I made it a new year’s resolution to publish at least two postings a week.

So what happened? Well, I started a full-time job and anyone who works full-time knows that you always think you will have more time than you really do. Since I am new, I find myself spending more hours than normal at my new job making sure I am doing everything okay. Which translates to less time working on Nutrition in Chaos.

With that being said, I think it’s time to check in and revise my SMART goals for 2017. There is no shame in revising your goals. It is much better to revise your goals instead of giving up on them completely.

SMART goal check-in

Take some time to reflect upon your SMART goal and ask yourself some questions.

  • Have you been able to work towards your goal appropriately?
  • Are you struggling to find the time you allowed for to create your goal?
  • Does your goal seem realistic still?
  • Is your goal too broad?
  • Is it hard to know when you are accomplishing or making progress with your goal?
  • Was your timeframe off? Has your goal turned into something long-term now?
  • What is holding you back from making progress towards your goal?

Revising your SMART goals

After taking some time to think more deeply about your goal. How can you make changes to reflect a new & improved SMART goal? Do you need to adjust your timeframe, get organized to see change, etc. Take the time to think of what changes needs to be made and revise your goal.

Try out your SMART goal

This week, I want you to really focus on your new & improved SMART goal. Think about if you have set realistic goals? Is the timing appropriate? Can you see changes and stay motivated? If by the end of this week, you still are struggling to meet your goal. Revise your goal again. Don’t give up! You can make this happen.

Stay tuned for my new SMART goal for Nutrition in Chaos!

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