My Nutrition Journey

Most Registered Dietitians have taken a journey in order to get to where they are today. I am no different and believe it is important to learn about my personal nutrition journey.

High School Swimming

My first interest in nutrition started when I was a high school swimmer. During a season filled with two-a-day practices, I found myself lacking energy to complete my practices. At first, I did not think much into it because I was a high school student lacking sleep due to my practice and homework schedule. But on nights that I got a significant amount of sleep I was still lacking energy. I decided looking to the internet for advice was the next best thing. After reading different articles, I learned that my poor nutrition was affecting my energy levels. Once realizing I need improvement with my diet and making changes, I began to see an improvement in my swimming and overall energy levels. At that moment I created a new interest of mine and decided I wanted to study nutrition in college.

Triathlon Training

I started my nutrition/dietetics career at Eastern Illinois University where I majored in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Dietetics. My classes consisted of many chemistry classes and food science classes. Science was never really a good subject for me and I found myself questioning my decisions to go into dietetics.

Flashback photo from triathlon

My sophomore year I decided to compete in a Triathlon over the summer. I started to have problems training again that related back to my nutrition. This time, I was not increasing my caloric intake as I increased my distance and duration of my workouts. Once again, I found myself looking to articles and sites on the internet to find my information. Except this time, I already had some background knowledge on nutrition and found many sources providing me with the wrong information. It was at that moment that I knew dietetics was the right field for me to be in. My failed attempt with nutrition and training became my motivation to continue my career path to become a Registered Dietitian.

My Journey Will Continue

After completing my degree at Eastern Illinois, I attended Dominican University. At Dominican, I completed my Dietetic Internship and earned my Master of Business Administration. Through tough times, I find myself reflecting on my past and being thankful for who I am today. In the future, I know there will be new hardships and moments I question my career path. But, I will never be able to forget how much nutrition helped me during moments I needed it the most. Something that I hope I can pass on to others who take a passion in nutrition as well.

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