Mighty Goal Monday

Mighty Goal Monday Coming Soon

I am excited to announce I will be starting  one of my first blog posts series!

MIGHTY Goal Monday 

With September just a week away, now is the time to start something new and fun. Like myself, I know everyone is living on the go in a chaotic life. However, that is not an excuse to use when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind, creating a blog series around small achievable goals came to mind.

I personally see better results when I set smaller goals that I can achieve. Turns out I am not the only person like that either. According to a study done by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, when it comes to losing weight sticking with smaller goals helped keep weight loss on track. Short-term goals become more manageable which ultimately leads to a great chance of success.

Social Media Mighty Goal MondayWhat to expect

Every Monday Morning, I will publish a new MIGHTY goal so you are prepared to start the week of right! These goals will be achievable throughout the entire week. For some they might be challenging and others might already be completing the goals. Do your best, these goals are meant to help you start, get back, or advance a healthy lifestyle. No one is perfect but starting small can help make a MIGHTY impact on your health overall.

Ultimately, I hope to build a community that is focused on helping one another help achieve the goals. Get your friends and family involved as well! Having a strong support team at home or the office also makes a difference.

Remember to share your progress and achievements through social media and Nutrition in Chaos website and social media platforms.

Together we can accomplish small but MIGHTY weekly nutrition goals. 

Mighty Goal Monday Posts 

9.4.16 – Adding Vegetables into your Diet 
9.11.16 – Increasing your Fruit Intake
9.18.16 – Eating a Balanced Meal 
9.26.16 – Increase your Water Intake
10.3.16 – Get Active
10.10.16 – Make Time for Lunch
10.17.16 – Explore your Cooking Skills
10.24.16 – Achieving Optimal Sleep
10.31.16 – Re-Evaluate your Diet
11.7.16 – Choose the Best the Option
11.14.16 – Try Something New
11.21.16 – Enjoy the Holidays

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