Nutrition In Chaos 2017

Nutrition in Chaos 2017

Nutrition in chaos 2017

Happy 2017!

I am not sure how your 2016 went but there seemed to be both good times and bad times for everyone. One thing I am proud of that happened in 2016, was starting Nutrition in Chaos. As nervous as I was to start my own blog, it was something that I have been wanting to do. Since starting a couple of months ago, I have just been posting weekly blog posts. But after doing some planning and putting together my vision for Nutrition in Chaos, 2017 is going to be the year of bigger and better things!

What to Expect to See

Here are just a few things that will be coming to Nutrition in Chaos throughout the next couple of months.

  • More than one blog post a week
  • New Website Layout
  • Freebies!!
  • Newsletters
  • Blog Series on Half Marathon Training – It’s my first Half Marathon and I am sure there will be great lessons I learn from that I want you to avoid.
  • Nutrition Coaching Sessions with ME! I will be putting together coaching packages that will allow me to help you reach your goals on an individual level.
  • And so MUCH more

Got Ideas?!

Is there something you wish I could talk more about or something you would really like to see?! Let me know! I am here to help you create and live a healthy and happy lifestyle with a focus on nutrition. Fill out this survey and help me improve and grow Nutrition in Chaos.

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Nutrition in Chaos 2017 Healthy and Happy Year


#14 MGM: Listen to your Body

Mighty Goal Monday - Listen to Your Body

#14 MGM: Listen to your Body

We are officially into December, or as I call it the craziest month of the year. My days become longer and my sleep schedule becomes out of whack with all the holiday parties, shopping, and trying to finish up some projects before 2017 begins. My normal, well-scheduled and balanced days are no more and my body starts to let me know things need to change back. However, like many others, I tend to ignore the signs and then at the beginning of the year I am paying the price.

This week I challenge you to listen to your body.

Why you should start listening to your body

Sometimes we like to think we can be invincible, but deep down we all know that is not true,as painful as it may be to admit. As our lives get chaotic we tend to ignore the signs our body gives us to slow down or give it some extra TLC. Living a healthy lifestyle encourages you to listen to your body and address the areas that might be setting you back from your full potential.

Common Signs and What it can mean

Decrease in energy levels

If you notice your energy levels have come to a decrease over the past couple of days, your diet can be a huge reason for that. Our bodies run on the energy or food we provided it with. When you don’t put gas in your car, it won’t run and that is exactly the same thing with your body and food.

Another way your energy levels can be decreased is from your diet. When we have an unbalanced diet that is filled with quick grabs here and there, we are not providing the best fuel possible. Going back to the car analogy, if your car requires premium gas and you only put in regular gas it will not run properly in the long run. Your body requires premium food like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, protein, and dairy in order to function properly.

The best way to go about determining if you are not eating enough or it is your diet is to track your food. Don’t focus on the calories you are eating, instead look at the foods you are eating and determine what healthier alternatives there are to have a better well-balanced diet. Start small by trying to have a healthier breakfast and work from there.

Re-occurring body aches and pains

Have you been working out more or the opposite, not sticking to your normal workout routine? It’s most common to have body aches and pains when we are overworking our bodies. Our bodies require rest to repair our muscles. When we skip a rest day or work the same body group we just continue to cause harm to our bodies. Start by taking a rest day or work a different body part that you have been forgetting about.

Another way your body can be aching is from a decrease in your workout routine. When we completely forget about certain body parts, they tend to become very tight and can cause pain if nothing is done about it. Prevent this from happening by doing small stretches or exercises throughout the day that can target an area that may be causing you some pain and have neglected to work out recently.

Unable to stay awake at normal working hours

Most likely this means you need more sleep. The recommended amount of sleep is seven to nine hours a night. Now if you’re anything like me, you might laugh at that recommendation, I’m lucky if I can get more than six and a half. However, lack of sleep can cause a kink in your healthy lifestyle. Without enough sleep, your can’t function properly and your brain actually needs sleep to help you remember and learn new things. Just by going to bed an extra 15 minutes earlier every night can make a big impact on your sleep cycle. So start small, start with an extra 15 minutes and then increase the amount you are sleeping by 5-10 minutes every week or so. Note how you are feeling and the improvements you are seeing and find your healthy sleep duration that works for you.

I hear my signs, now what?

If you notice something new make note of it. From there note how long it has been going on and if there is a pattern to your signs. I find it best to write my notes into my Google Calendar. This way I can track when it started how long it may be happening and what I did that day that can be a cause. This can also be extremely beneficial if your sign ends up being something serious that requires medical attention*. Now you will have all the answers right at your fingertip when your doctor asks about your signs and symptoms.

Overall, life may be chaotic but you can still make small changes to help improve your body signs. Listen to your body this week and determine what small steps you can take to living a healthier lifestyle free of body signs.

*If you are noticing and experiencing  signs that may require medical attention please see your medical provider. This post is for general purposes only and not intended to be medical advice.

Mighty Goal Monday Listen to your Body

#12 MGM: Enjoy the Holidays

Mighty Goal Monday: Enjoy the Holidays

#12 MGM: Enjoy the Holidays

It’s that time of year again – the holidays are here! It is so hard to believe that it is already Thanksgiving time and December is right around the corner. It feels like 2016 just started a week ago. But here we are with the holidays again. A joyful time filled family, friends, and our minds freaking about the possibility of going back to our old eating habits. I get it, the holidays can always be a struggle when you are trying to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This week I challenge you to enjoy the holidays.

This holiday season make sure you enjoy the holidays. If you have been following along with Mighty Goal Monday, you have already established some great habits to help get you through the holidays and the rest of the year.

Find the right balance

With Thanksgiving this week, spend more time enjoying your time with your family and friends and less time being concerned about your healthy lifestyle changes, to an extent of course. You might be thinking “Wait why are you now telling me to forget about making healthy changes? This makes no sense.” And you are completely right. I am not saying forget about everything we have worked so hard to build over the past couple of months, instead, I want you to learn how to balance a healthy lifestyle filled with holidays, stressful times, and whatever else might come your way. Not everything is going to be easy and when the holidays comes we tend to just forget about all our hard work we have already put in.  Not this year! We will work on finding the right balance that still allows us to enjoy the holidays.

Healthy Eating and the holidays

Grab a Plate

Enjoy your holidays with a plate in your hand instead of standing over the food. Avoid overeating appetizers and desserts by putting everything on a plate and walking away from the food. Take the conversation to the living room and enjoy what you put on your plate, instead of eating cheese and crackers one after the other.

You Can Cook anything Again

The holidays is not the only time you can get a turkey or your favorite holiday dish. You can cook the dish again in the summer. Ever heard of Christmas in July? Go ahead and make that turkey again in July. Knowing that you can cook your favorite dish sometime later in the year, allows you to prevent overeating it.

Drink Water

Thinking about going up for seconds? Drink a glass of water before you do to make sure you really are hungry for more. Remember it takes 10-15 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain you are full.

Stop eating while you are talking

Ever notice after having a conversation at the dinner table your food is already gone and you didn’t remember enjoying it? When you are talking and eating, you are more focused on the conversation to realize you are still eating. When a conversation is started, put down the fork and have the conversation then resume eating. Not only will you enjoy your food, you will also realize when you get full since your brain will have time to process the feelings.

Staying active during the holidays

Get Outside With the Family

Rake up all the leaves before the snow comes. Enjoy one last game of catch with your kids. Shovel the snow instead of using the snowblower. Build an awesome Igloo and go sledding with your kids. Go on a hike to somewhere new, just bundle up. Yes. it might be the holidays and a little bit busier, but that doesn’t mean you can not enjoy an activity outside for as little as ten minutes.

Run a Holiday Race

There are so many runs from now until the New Years. Find a local run and a buddy to run/walk with you. Make training part of your schedule and commit to having a great time this holiday season.

Set Up a Challenge

Challenges with friends and family members are a great way to stay motivated and competitive. Fitbit offers daily, weekly, and weekend challenges. MyFitnessPal offers challenges to log your meals and win awesome prizes! Endomondo is another app that allows you to make challenges with your friends. Challenges can be a great way to get the whole family involved and additional motivation you need to stay active during the holidays.

Try Something New

The holidays are a great time to try that class you have been thinking about trying. Odds are there will be other “newbies” trying out that same class, especially with the new year starting. Take full advantage of trial memberships and who know maybe you will find your new favorite class that you will make sure not to miss in the future.

Enjoy the holidays

The holidays are meant to be a time you enjoy with your family and friends and make it just that this year. Enjoy the crazy family members you see once a year. Enjoy the holiday traditions that you have. Enjoy the numerous amount of new memories you will make with others. Remember what the holidays are about and find that balance to maintain your healthy lifestyle and enjoy the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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