About Allyson

Photo of Allyson KrauseAllyson Krause, MBA, RDN

Chicagoland Area

I love eating peanut butter out of the jar. Homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream is my weakness.  And, popcorn is its own food group in my diet.

Like most Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, my passions in life consists of good food and living a healthy life filled with laughter. My passion for nutrition started when I was a high school swimmer looking for  ways to improve my performance. Little did I know my diet was my biggest problem. Once I started reading about nutrition my goal to become a Registered Dietitian began.
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In 2014, I completed my BS: Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Dietetics from Eastern Illinois University. While are Eastern Illinois, I was involved in the Student Dietetic Association where my favorite meetings involved potlucks and event planning. Throughout my Eastern Illinois experience, I was challenged to go out of my comfort zone. I developed years of memories and life skills that shaped who I am today.

After a quick summer break, I was accepted into Dominican Univeristy’s Dietetics Coordinated Program with a Master of Business Administration. At Dominican University, I was a Dietetic Intern in the day and an MBA student at night. I completed my Dietetic Internship at Head Start, Community Nurse & Rehab, Alexian Brothers Medical Center, and Sugar Beet Food Co-op. All my internship sites taught me new skills and gave me amazing experiences that I will remember into the future. Even though my days were long and busy, it was worth it when graduation occurred in May 2016.

Why Nutrition in Chaos?

Throughout both my undergraduate and graduate schooling, I found myself constantly on the go. I was running from one thing to another and my nutrition and health started to take a negative turn. Since graduating, I’ve realized I am not the only one who struggles with living a chaotic life and staying healthy. Just like that Nutrition in Chaos was born.

I created Nutrition in Chaos to help individuals who are also living chaotic lives where nutrition and peace of mind are pushed aside. Whether you are a dietetic intern living on little sleep, a new grad trying to figure everything out, or a busy parent putting their kids first, Nutrition in Chaos is for you.  I hope you find new tips and information on living a healthy life in a chaotic world, as well as, new ways to find happiness and laughter.

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