#9 MGM: Re-Evaluate Your Diet

#9 MGM: Re-evaluate your diet

#9 MGM: Re-Evaluate Your Diet

Mighty Goal Monday has been going on for about 2 months now! Hard to believe it myself. Mighty Goal Monday is focused on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a primary focus on nutrition. In the earlier Mighty Goal Mondays, we focused on starting to increase our fruit and vegetable intakes. But are you still working on those goals, as well as, others?

This week I challenge you to re-evaluate your diet and identify areas of improvement.

Why it’s important to re-evaluate?

Like anything you do for an extended amount of time, it is important to frequently re-evaluate your progress to ensure you are moving in the right direction. When was the last time you deeply thought about your diet and what areas of improvement you can make to take it to the next level? When you take the time to re-evaluate things, you tend to find something that needs improvement. You might realize you need improvement in something you have been thinking about for awhile now or you might discover something new to work on. Over time, things start to blend together and unless you really stop to analyze, you might continue with a bad habit for longer than you wanted to or end up straying further away from your overall goal. No matter what the case may be, you will never discover an area of improvement without stopping to re-evaluate.

What are common areas of need?

Not sure what areas you might need improvement in, check out some examples and see if they are true for your diet?

  • Only consuming fruit at meals
  • Not knowing the last time you had a vegetable
  • Your water intake has been low for a couple days now
  • Protein intake has been declining over time
  • Most of your meals are from restaurants or fast-food

Taking the next step

After you re-evaluate your diet, take a few minutes to choose your area of weakness and one that you truly want to focus on this week. Whatever your area of improvement may be, ask yourself how can you improve and what can motivate me to improve. Without having motivation and a plan it can be impossible to stay focused on completing your goals.

Now you might be thinking this really is not a good Mighty Goal Monday, but the purpose of this week is to stop and re-evaluate your progress and ensure you are still working towards creating & maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This week, I want you to focus on what you think is the most important area of concern. We might be working together as a team, but everyone has their own goals that they are focused on achieving.

So this week, take ten minutes out of your Monday morning to re-evaluate your diet and progress and determine an area of improvement. Make a plan and do you.

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