#15 MGM: Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead - Mighty Goal Monday

MGM #15: Plan ahead

It’s the end of the year, which means we are trying to squeeze everything in and our days get busier than they already were. Most of the time when our days get busy our nutrition and overall health is the first thing to suffer. It’s easier to run through the drive-thru for family dinner and easier to skip the gym. I am guilty of doing the same thing. We are all human and life can get in the way. Which makes it important to start planning ahead better.

This week I challenge you to plan your meals and workouts out ahead of time.

Why plan ahead

You probably plan your day with a work to-do list, why not do the same with your healthy lifestyle? Planning ahead can definitely help make your life a little less chaotic. Just by taking an extra 30 minutes on Sunday to sit down and plan out your meals and workouts, you can start to see a difference in your healthy lifestyle. Start out small and build from there.

Planning your Meals

Write it Down

We can plan our meals out in our heads all we want but the minute we get busy we say screw it. Writing down what your meals are and when you are going to have them will keep you accountable. If you have a family, spouse, significant other, or roommates, write your meal plan somewhere they can all see it. This allows them to know the plan and hold you accountable as well. No one likes dreaming about fajitas all day only to come home and find out that the meal has been changes.

Double up recipes for leftovers

Leftovers = tomorrow’s lunch. It’s as simple as that. Why take more time to make your meals when you can just pack up your leftovers and enjoy them for lunch.

Mini Snack Packs

One thing I try to do every weekend is make my own mini snack packs with different vegetables, fruits, cheese, and nuts. There are snack packs that you can also buy if that works best for you. Something that I will grab at the store as well if my weekend has already come and gone. Having mini snack packs made ahead of time allows you to grab-n-go when you are running late and just need something to get through the next couple of hours. My favorite mini snacks are almonds and cheese or cheese paired with cut up fruit.

Plan out your workouts

Google Calendar

I think you all know how much I love and live by my Google Calendar. With a busy schedule, making your workouts a meeting in your calendar. That way you have already committed yourself to the time. Also, one of my new favorite features of Google Calendar is their goals. Say you want to workout 3x a week, Google Calendar will find time in your busy schedule and put your workouts in for you.

Commit to a Workout Program

Does your gym offer a workout program that you can join? Especially if it costs money to join, this is a great way to make sure you get your workouts in. You wouldn’t want to waste your money by skipping the workouts. Your gym doesn’t offer a program or you don’t have a gym membership? Find a free program online or through an app that sends you reminders on when to workout and what you are going to do.

No matter how busy life gets, we all need to work on not putting our nutrition and overall health on the back burner. Start small and build from there. We are all human and there will be days where we just can’t, but planning ahead can help decrease those days.

Share with others: How do you plan ahead during your chaotic life?

Plan Ahead for Nutrition and Workouts

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  1. Katie Cavuto says:

    Great tips! Especially love the batch cooking — I do this at every meal so have leftovers for other meals. Snack packs are a great idea too!

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