#13 MGM: Find Your Weakness

healthy lifestyle goal and weakness improvements

#13 MGM: Find Your Weakness

When it comes to the holiday season, it can be hard to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle goals. With Thanksgiving last week, and the start of the holiday season, it now becomes important to get back on track. Many of you know, the reason I started Mighty Goal Monday is to help you create & maintain a healthy lifestyle through small weekly goals. This week is no different, except this time you pick the goal based on your weakness.

This week I challenge you to find your weakness and work towards improving it. 

Find your Weakness 

This can really be anything. Have you recently realized you don’t remember the last time you had a vegetable? Or a fruit? When was the last time you drank enough water? I want you to identify ONE weakness you have when it comes to creating & maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Improve your Weakness

After you have found your weakness, I want you to brainstorm how you can improve on it. Set a goal that is realistic and something that can be achievable during the week. Set yourself up for success as we get back into our normal routine after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Need some ideas?

Not sure what your weakness might be? Check out some previous Mighty Goal Monday posts. Not only can they give you an idea but they can also give you great tips on how to help you improve upon them!

Adding Vegetables Into your Diet 

Increasing your Fruit Intake 

Eating a Balanced Meal 

Increase your Water Intake 

Get Active 

Make Time for Lunch 

Explore your Cooking Skills 

Achieving Optimal Sleep 

Choose the Best Option 

Whatever you choose to focus on this week. Do your best and remember how one little improvement in your lifestyle can make a positive impact on the rest of your life.

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